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Hey yall! I'm Najla👋🏾

As an active duty service member⚓and devoted mother of three , my journey into the world of crafting began in 2020, when I wanted to create something special for my son's graduation🎓. Little did I know that this creative endeavor would soon become a passion and open new doors in my life.

🎨🧶As I poured my heart and soul into crafting, my friends couldn't help but fall in love with my creations. Their encouragement and support sparked the idea of turning my hobby into a thriving business.

Today, I am proud to share my handcrafted creations with the world, each piece infused with love, dedication, and a touch of my unique artistic flair.

🌟💕 Crafting has not only become a fulfilling way to express myself but also a testament to my resilience as a military mom. With each design, each creations, I am reminded of the strength and determination that define both my role as a service member and a creative entrepreneur. My creations embodies the essence of my journey, and I am excited to continue this fulfilling pursuit, making beautiful memories for others to cherish.

If there's anything you're curious about, feel free to ask me below!

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